Our Staff

  • Senior Management Team
  • Thomas Braham
    Thomas Braham
    Position: Director & Head of Street Lighting Division | Email: thomas@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Thomas Braham is one of the Directors and head of our Street Lighting Division. His electrical career began as an apprentice under Paul Braham who established the business in 1972. Today with his accomplished skills and knowledge, Thomas leads his team of Street Lighting Electricians.

  • Chris Hickey
    Chris Hickey
    Position: Director | Email: chris@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Chris Hickey is one of the directors and head of our Contracts Division. Chris' career encompasses Contracts Management, Health & Safety and Human Resources for the Company. 

  • Jason McQuaid
    Jason McQuaid
    Position: Director | Email: jason@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Jason McQuaid is one of the Directors and head of our Estimating Department. His career began as Junior Estimator with Braham Electrical and he is now leading our Estimating Team. Jason's position incorporates Estimating, alongside Contracts Management.

  • Ciaran McQuaid
    Ciaran McQuaid
    Position: Director | Email: ciaran@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Ciaran McQuaid is one of our Directors. His career began as an Apprentice Electrician at Braham Electrical. He was awarded the ECA UK Apprentice of the Year 2004. Following this, Ciaran was a Contract Manager for over 10 years and today looks after the day to day running of the company along with some of the larger contracts on site. 

  • Jim Graham
    Jim Graham
    Position: Contracts Manager | Email: jim@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989


    Jim Graham is one of our Senior Managers and head of our Street Lighting Estimating Department. His career began with Braham Electrical in 1990 in our Estimating Department. As the Company has grown, Braham Electrical have branched off into numerous sections and Jim now specialises in our Street Lighting Division.

  • Contracts Department
  • Colin Slevin
    Colin Slevin
    Position: Contracts Manager | Email: colin@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Colin Slevin is one of our Contracts Managers. Colin specialises in our Public Realm Works, road lighting and feature illuminations of architectual buildings, sculptures and  iconic monuments.

  • Matt Beattie
    Matt Beattie
    Position: Contracts Manager | Email: matt@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Matt Beattie is one of our Contracts Managers. He specialises in new and refurbished electrical fit-outs.

  • Accounts
  • Paul McDermott
    Paul McDermott
    Position: Financial Controller | Email: paul@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Paul McDermott is the Financial Controller for Braham Electrical. 

  • Aisling Doyle
    Aisling Doyle
    Position: Accounts Technician | Email: aisling@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Aisling Doyle is the Accounts Technician for Braham Electrical.

  • Estimating
  • Kieran Brennan
    Kieran Brennan
    Position: Estimator | Email: kieran@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Kieran Brennan is one of the Braham Electrical Estimators for our Contracts Department. 

  • Administration
  • Josephine Morgan
    Josephine Morgan
    Position: Office Manager | Email: josephine@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Josephine Morgan is the Office Manager for Braham Electrical. 

  • Tanya McAleenan
    Tanya McAleenan
    Position: Administrator | Email: tanya@brahamelectrical.com | Tel: 028 4177 2989

    Tanya McAleenan is the Secretarial Administrator for Braham Electrical.

  • Maintenance Department
  • Winston Murdoch
    Winston Murdoch
    Position: Maintenance Manager | Email: winston@brahammaintenance.com | Tel: 028 4175 4113

    Winston Murdoch is the Maintenance Manager for Braham Electrical. He has worked as an Electrician with Braham Electrical for three years and has now enhanced his electrical career through managing our Maintenance Administrators and Electricians. 

  • Diana Potts
    Diana Potts
    Position: Maintenance Administrator | Email: diana@brahammaintenance.com | Tel: 028 4175 4113

    Diana Potts is a Maintenance Administrator for Braham Electrical.

  • Conall Starrs
    Conall Starrs
    Position: Maintenance Administrator | Email: conall@brahammaintenance.com | Tel: 028 4175 4113

    Conall Starrs is a Maintenance Administratror for Braham Electrical.