Mute Meadows

Main Contractor: SIAC N I Ltd

Client: ILEX

Location: Derry

Northern Ireland’s largest public artwork, as part of the larger Ebrington Barracks Environmental Improvement Scheme, Mute Meadow, completed in January 2011, consists of 40 pairs of bespoke steel columns, composed of two elements of angled steel of eight and ten meters in height, each illuminated by an individually controllable full RGB in-ground LED luminaire.

Using colours taken from stained-glass windows at the Guildhall along with live analysis of audio data provided by the local community, an ever changing lighting display is achieved.

This software is also fully flexible to allow the following:

  • Input of Video
  • Video camera capture and displaying with mesh/grid LEDs in an external environment.
  • Video and DMX control allowing to be choreographed with other DMX lighting /feature systems.
  • Series of different lighting shows and how they ensured limitation of repeating show.
  • Camera capture and alternating lighting shows and ensures limitation of repeating show.

Each day, a scheduling program written specifically for the project randomly chooses one of twelve colour schemes as a starting point for the display. This, along with the real time audio analysis ensures the displays remain entirely unpredictable. The display times are dynamically determined by sunset and sunrise.