Bangor Environmental Education Recycling Centre

Main Contractor: Heron Bro’s

Client: North Down Borough Council

Location: Bangor

Scale / Scope: Braham Electrical as part of an Integrated Project Team (IPT) were awarded the contract to construct this state of the art facility. As part of their ongoing remit, North Down Borough Council are continuing to move towards recycling and renewable energies. The design and function of the Centre brings waste management into the 21st Century by promoting a user friendly process for recycling as well as providing the Council with an environmentally sustainable facility. Most unusually this site also includes an education block, where classes of school pupils are taught the importance of 'Sustainable Energy Generation Systems' and 'Energy Efficiency'. The project was delivered on time and to budget as required and on handover was defect free.

This scheme was recommended for and received the following awards: R.S.U.A. Awards, Special Award for Design and Innovation in Construction, Sustainable Ireland , Best Recycling Initiative Award & Green Apple Award for The Built Environment.